Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness (E-book/PDF+MOBI versions).

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This is a Course in Realness

A cure for the world. Personal Revolutions: A Short Course in Realness presents 166 philosophical frames (‘Revolutions’) through which to view ourselves, the world, and reality – all of which point in the same direction, and look at the same truth from a different vantage point. Each one is a mini ‘Revolution’ within itself, but, taken as a whole, the collection allows readers to go through their own ‘Personal Revolution’ by increasing their realness and building more purposeful, meaningful, and valuable lives for themselves and those around them.

By encouraging you to see yourself and your world in a way that is more harmoniously aligned with reality, and more realistically aligned with the power and potency of an active and focused human being, Personal Revolutions will help to put you in touch with things as they actually are, not just as you’ve been conditioned to believe them to be, allowing you to build upon the most solid possible foundation: The Truth (whatever the hell that is).

Book Information

  • ISBN: 978-1976266454
  • Paperback: 504 pages
  • Digital eBook: 504 pages
  • Published: First Ed. Jun 6, 2016; Second Ed. Sept 09, 2017
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: Second Edition
  • Versions: MOBI (Kindle) and PDF